• Anglais Abandoned places

    Henk Van Rensbergen

    • Lannoo
    • 14 Juin 2019

    Henk van Rensbergen is a Boeing 787 pilot who flies around the globe. While his crew rests at the swimming pool, he goes out to explore abandoned places in our world. From the breakaway state of Abkhazia, a floating warship cemetery in France, a forgotten love hotel in Japan to an abandoned rail depot in Detroit, van Rensbergen searches for the beauty of their desolation and pinpoints the richness of their decay. Van Rensbergen is a pioneering urban explorer. His Abandoned Places photo books (1, 2, 3 and The Photographer's Selection) have been highly successful. This complete revised edition shows his most iconic photos of the past 25 years, including new unpublished material and anecdotes.

  • Henk van Rensbergen est pilote de ligne. Il profite de ses escales aux quatre coins du monde, pour exercer sa seconde passion : photographier les lieux abandonnés. D'un cimetière de navires de guerre flottant en France à un parc à thème inondé à la Nouvelle-Orléans, en passant par un sanatorium en Géorgie, un love hôtel oublié au Japon ou un palais sur un lac italien, l'auteur recherche la beauté de leur désolation et met en évidence la richesse de leur décadence. Ce livre au format de poche montre ses photos les plus emblématiques des 25 dernières années d'une centaine de lieux différents, y compris des documents inédits et des anecdotes.

  • Abandoned places t.2

    Henk Van Rensbergen

    • Lannoo
    • 2 Septembre 2010

    Henk van Rensbergen takes us on an interesting journey to empty buildings, factories, polluted and abandoned places full of traps and secrets around the world. This is not without risk: some places are incredibly dangerous to visit. But the things he discovers are fascinating: a world where man has disappeared since the moment the door was closed many years ago. Locations featured include: The Electric Company in Richmond, USA; Seaview hospital, Staten Island, USA; Essex County Jail, Newark, USA; Theatre, Newark, USA; Campus universitaire, Val Benoît, Liège, Belgium; Hôpital Civil de Jumet, Charleroi, Belgium; Labour Court, Ghent, Belgium; Sisters of Mercy - Lorette school, Mechelen, Belgium; Beelitz Heilstätten, Brandenburg, Germany; Châtillon car dump, Châtillon, Belgium; Villa Sainte Marie, Belgium, LM textile factory, Lille, France; Catacombs, Brussels, Belgium; Centrales électriques des Flandres, Flanders, Belgium; De Porre textile factory, Ghent, Belgium; Hippodrome, Groenendaal, Belgium; Town mansion, Belgium; Farmhouses, Brabant, Belgium; Train depot, Charleroi, Belgium; Museum, Belgium; Forges de Clabecq, Clabecq, Belgium; St Davids high school + Packard Plant + Fisher Body + Michigan Central Station + Lee Plaza Hotel + Broderick Tower + Cass Tech High School, Detroit, USA. Text in English & Dutch. Henk van Rensbergen is a pilot. Everywhere he goes, he looks for abandoned hospitals, buildings in decay and modern ruins. His images capture the transiency of the modern world.

  • Abandoned Places 3 is the successor of Abandoned Places 1 and 2; a unique photography project. Urban Explorer and photographer Henk Van Rensbergen continues his search for abandoned buildings world wide: picturesque palazzo's and mansions in Italy, an abandoned theatre and a surrealistic shopping mall in the USA, a forgotten hospital, dilapidated hotels and a never opened amusement park in the Dominican Republic, an abandoned airport terminal in Curaçao,... For the first time Van Rensbergen also went to Asia and photographed love hotels, a magnificent limestone mine in the middle of a typhoon, and many more. Henk van Rensbergen is a pilot. Everywhere he goes, he looks for abandoned hospitals, buildings in decay and modern ruins. His images capture the transiency of the modern world.

  • What if animals were the only survivors? This new photographic series by Henk van Rensbergen is uncanny and spellbinding as it pictures a post-apocalyptic world. The captivating beauty of the desolation conveyed by his Abandoned Places books persists in these images, but gains an added dimension with the depiction of animals in search of their place in a world once dominated by human beings. Desmond Morris, the world famous zoologist and artist wrote an introduction and the author Peter Verhelst composed a memorable epilogue.